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The three ‘Ps’ – Our philosophy of bid consultancy  Bid Consultancy: the three Ps (people, process, project)


As our short video above explains, our approach to bid consultancy is based on the principles of the three Ps – Project, Process and People.


This neatly summarises the three most important aspects of any bid, and getting them to work in unison and finding your ‘bidding sweet spot’ is our prime objective.



As Bid Consultants we can help you to consistently secure profitable sales through:


  • ensuring that your bid strategy reflects your business strategy,
  • improving your existing sales and bidding process,
  • winning new contracts or breaking into new markets


This is the lifeblood of all businesses and something that we understand very well.

We have helped clients win business in diverse industries and markets and will work with you to develop an approach best suited to your sectors, your customers and, most importantly, your business culture.


Typical projects


The projects we get involved as bid consultants are as varied as they are challenging and interesting, such as:


  • Business Development and Strategy: analyzing and developing a more integrated presentation of your approach to sales, bidding and tendering – perhaps across multiple business units,
  • Market Research: helping you understand how to bid into a new market or industry and how you might need to change or adapt your selling approach,
  • Bid Review: reviewing your bid and also critiquing existing contracts to ensure that you are maximising cross-selling opportunities,
  • Re-Bid: helping you re-win a contract when it comes up for renewal.

It is thought the best tender I have ever seen leave our company although I am sure there are still many improvements to come. Looking forward to working together on other projects.

- Michel Hurel Transport, Managing Director

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