Bid Training

Bid Training


Many clients find that generic bid training doesn’t work for their business.
Bid Academy® can develop bespoke bid training to suit your needs using our unique “three-step approach to bid training” – check out the video on the right.


Bespoke Bid Training Course


We work with you to define and build in-house bid training courses specifically suited to your sector and language, and then use the three-step approach to underwrite the delivery outcome.

Naturally, each solution is developed to meet your particular needs and tailored to your style.

On the basis of the Bid Lifecycle, we will teach you how to create compelling bids managing efficiently all phases of the tender process and win more contracts.


What we will cover:

  • Overview of the tender phases
  • Define, plan and manage your strategic approach to tender
  • Bid / No Bid decision making
  • How to effectively plan your bid
  • How to manage your bid team
  • How to manage bid costs
  • Writing compelling bids
  • What is a bid storyboard
  • Features VS benefits


What we will deliver:

  • High win rate
  • Reduced bid costs
  • Bid strategy alignment to the overall business strategy


How we will deliver: our three-step approach to bid training


We call the people that we train ‘collaborators’, because we work with them to mould what they take from each course.

We achieve this through our unique three-step approach to bid training:


1. Completion of a pre-workshop questionnaire that allows us to understand the individual collaborators, what their experience level is and what they need to gain from the training.


2. Attendance at our one-day bid training workshop


3. Follow-up: for the three months immediately following the workshop, each collaborator will benefit from:
– A ‘mentoring contract’ to agree the areas they need, or would like, to work on;
– An extra face-to-face coaching session;
– Regular contact (alternating phone calls and emails) to monitor progress;
– A free assessment of one piece of work of their choice


Because we continue to support each collaborator on a one-to-one basis after the workshop, we make each one think about what they do and how they interact with others.

This ensures that the skills they have learnt are being employed in the most effective way for them and the organisations they work in.


Contact us today for a free bid training consultation for your team and enjoy winning more contracts.


Brought a substantial level of past commercial experience; an analytical and forensic approach to detail; a structured and disciplined work process and a high standard of communication skills.

- Senior Proposal Writer, BPM Group

Played a very positive role in developing the bid, had an excellent understanding of the issues, and was able to bring the best out of the many different members of the team.

- Bid Manager, BAM Nuttall

We have no hesitation in recommending them to others and hope to re-engage with Bid Academy to help with training of our internal bid resources.

- CEO for Flint & Neill Ltd

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