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Bid Academy Bytesize is the online bid and tender training to enhance key skills ever devised for bid and tender professionals. It’s the most innovative and user-friendly solution for people who want to learn ‘on the go’ – we pinpoint your exact training needs and deliver them.


You get one-to-one training over a period of one month, which will be uniquely tailored to you and your organisation. We’ll show you the tools and techniques that you can use to improve performance in your chosen topic.


But best of all, we’ll then work with you to decide how this can be most effectively taken into your routine, so that the skills become second nature.


Normally priced at £199.00 (+VAT), all courses booked in 2015 are available for just £149.00 (+VAT) – so book now!





  1. Personalised: Each course is designed around you, using your language and your real-life challenges
  2. Language: we talk your everyday organisation’s internal language. That makes it easier for you to import things back into your business.
  3. Flexibility: we deliver your training at a time and in a format to suit you. Bytesize is entirely flexible to your needs and availability.
  4. Great value: At just £149 per person, it’s a great way to budget and get fantastic value for money
  5. Topics: we designed our initial programme of courses around you thanks to what you have told us from our industry wide survey carried out this year.



Want to know more?


We have 15 individual Bid Academy Bytesize courses, divided into three main categories. Click on the one that you’re most interested in to get more details about the course – the course description page – where you can also book and pay for the course online.


Can’t see what you want?


Use the ‘Get in touch’ form opposite to ask us about alternative topics.


How it works


  1. Once you’ve selected the Bid Academy Bytesize course that’s right for you, book and pay for the course using the booking form you will find on the course description page.
  2. Within two working days of receiving your payment, we will send you an information and contact form for you to complete and return to us – this will tell us more about you and what you want to get out of the course.
  3. Within another three working days, we will call you to start the course,– this can be recorded if you wish.
  4. We will then be in weekly contact with you by phone and email to run through exercises and worked – hopefully live – examples.
  5. In week 4, we’ll do a full review of what you’ve learnt to make sure it gives you exactly what you need.

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Bid writing


How to plan your responses to
tender questions.

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Features and benefits

How to make them powerful and

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Using existing info

How to ensure this stays relevant to the bid your working on.

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How to plan them, use them and
manage them.

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Editing and polishing

How to make this effective and

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Bid management

Bid planning

How to keep control of your bid process and outcomes.

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Managing bid teams

Making sure you get the best out
of them

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Getting senior management input 

How to get the right input at the
right time.

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Running meetings

Making sure they are effective, efficient and results oriented

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Managing bid costs

Making sure that you stay in

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Bid strategy

Solution development

Making sure that you address
client needs.

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Bid approach

How to define, plan and manage
your approach.

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Risk and opportunity

Managing them to the best benefit of
your bid.

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Bid / no bid

Why, how and when? Making sure you use your resources wisely.

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Bid phases

Managing the transition between different stages in a procurement.

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And remember, all of this personal, one-to-one tuition for just £149.00 for each course booked in 2015!!

Because every bid is unique

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